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Frequently-Asked Questions


How do I get started as a subcontract resume writer?
Are you already writing resumes? If so, the next step is to determine if subcontracting is for you. The “Making Money as a Resume Subcontractor” special report can help you learn more about subcontracting. (The report is included in MMRS membership.)

Do I need to be certified to be a subcontract resume writer?
Most contracting writers require their subcontract writers to be certified — but not all do. The MMRS Directory of Subcontractor Opportunities listings specify if certifications are required. The CPRW is the “minimum” certification usually requested by contracting writers, but some contracting writers prefer the NCRW or ACRW.

What kind of subcontract opportunities are available?
The most common subcontract projects are to write resumes, cover letters, bios, and LinkedIn profiles. Some contracting writers also seek subcontractors to perform resume evaluations and interview coaching.

What does subcontracting pay?
Subcontract projects pay anywhere from $50 to $500+, depending on the scope of the project. Subcontract projects generally pay 20-35% of what the contracting writer charges. Some contracting writers charge $500 for a project, while others charge $2,500. Many contracting writers provide payment information in their subcontract opportunities listing.

Why would I subcontract when I can charge my own clients a lot more?
There are many reasons why resume writers subcontract: To have a steady flow of work. To focus on the writing, instead of marketing, administration, and the financial side of project management. To get exposure to a wider variety of clients, and improve your writing skills. To learn how other resume writers handle project management and business administration.


What is included in the MMRS membership?
Your membership includes access to the “Making Money as a Resume Subcontractor” special report and more than 25 validated subcontract opportunities in the Directory of Subcontractor Opportunities. Members also get access to the MMRS Webinars, which include Q&As about subcontracting as well as specific topics, like “Project Management for Subcontractors” and “Writing Strategies for Subcontractors.”

Why is this an annual membership, and not just a one-time fee?
When the “Making Money as a Resume Subcontractor” special report was originally published in 2007 (it has been updated four times since then), the report included subcontract opportunities. But in 2016, we created the membership site in order to provide ongoing training for subcontractors as well as a way to provide updated subcontracting opportunities.

What’s included in the MMRS Special report?
The 51-page special report includes the following topics:
• Who Are Subcontractors and What Draws Them In?
• Show Me The Money! (Compensation for Subcontractors)
• Client Interaction & The Information-Gathering Process
• Managing Your Business: Can You Market Yourself and Subcontract?
• Signing On To Subcontract
• Comparing Contractors: Big or Small?
• Once You’re In, How to Stay in the Contractor’s Good Graces
• Don’t Forget Legal Issues
• Other Subcontracting Opportunities
• Golden Nuggets: Benefits of Subcontracting
• Keys to Success as a Subcontractor: From a Contractor’s Perspective
• Words of Wisdom from Experienced Resume Writers
• Results of Survey of Subcontract Resume Writers
• Red Flags When Selecting a Contracting Firm
• Making a Pitch to Subcontracting Firms (including Sample Resume/Cover Letter)
• Your Contract
• Seven Profiles of Subcontract Resume Writers

You can check out a preview of the MMRS Special Report here.

What is included in a listing in the Directory of Subcontract Opportunities?
The contracting writers provide information about what they are seeking in a subcontract writer, including writer qualifications, types of projects they contract out, volume of projects, pay, and how to apply for a subcontract opportunity. You can view a sample listing here. (This is an actual Directory listing, with the company name and contact information redacted.)

How many listings are there in the Directory of Subcontract Opportunities, and how often are they updated?
The number of active subcontract listings ranges from 25-30 at any given time. All listings were fully updated in spring 2020 and we reach out to the contracting writers in the Directory every 12-18 months to see if there are any changes and to ask if they are still seeking subcontract writers. We also add new opportunities as we find them. We are always actively seeking out new subcontracting opportunities, especially those not advertised elsewhere.

Do you guarantee I’ll get a subcontracting gig?
We cannot guarantee that you will find a subcontract opportunity that will fit your needs. What we provide is access to information to help you locate possible subcontracting opportunities and to help you evaluate whether the opportunity will be a fit for you. 

How many MMRS members have gotten subcontracting gigs?
In a survey of members conducted in December 2018, 35 percent of those who participated in the survey used the Directory of Subcontract Opportunities to find at least one subcontracting gig. Another 23 percent were currently subcontracting and were happy with their arrangements but open to new/better opportunities. Five percent of members are not currently subcontracting.

Do you offer a refund on my membership?
There are no refunds on membership fees. However, you can cancel your membership at any time so you are not subject to a renewal fee at the end of your membership term. We offer a slight discount for memberships that automatically renew, but you may cancel either membership type at any time. (But again, there are no refunds for early termination.)

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