Sample Subcontract Listing

Company Name [Redacted]

New listing 1/2017; updated 2/2018

Contact Name:

Email: [Redacted]

Phone: [Redacted]

Website: [Redacted]

Specialization: Mid-level managers to executives, senior-level clients, or those wanting to move into senior-level roles in any industry.

Client Fee: $400-$600 for resume only; $150-$200 cover letter; $225 LI profile

Writers (qualifications desired/required): Certified; a good understanding of strategy; strong writing skills.

How to apply: Please forward three resumes and cover letters you have written for clients. If it looks like we’re a fit (writing style), we’ll schedule a phone consult to explore further.

What spells rejection? Poor writing (unparallel sentence structure, overuse of verbs, etc.); inability to produce a resume that adheres to today’s modern standards. I like concise writing with the absence of the catch phrases that are used often but say nothing.

Special requirements: Punctual — when I assign a project, I ask you to tell me when you can deliver the first draft and I expect you to meet that goal. I would rather you add an extra day than deliver late.

Turnaround: 3-4 business days from assignment.

Pay to subcontractor: 20-30% of client fee, depending on quality of work; I start at 20% and if I don't need to do a lot of rewriting, the fee will increase. I always share the revised resume with my subcontractors so that you can learn my style.

Demand weekly: Fluctuates; I can't promise an assignment each week — right now I project two per month, but that is expected to increase. 

Client management: I handle all client contact (at least for now). My process is to have clients complete two worksheets — accomplishments and value proposition — as well as supply three job postings. I interview the client, adding notes to their existing resume(s). All info is forwarded to the writer via email. After the first draft, you’re done. I take care of all revisions and delivery of final docs to clients. However, if you work better by interviewing clients, that is a possibility.

Do writers upsell? Not at this time; hoping for growth — and with more clients, I’ll need extra help. Hoping to find a subcontractor who wants to grow into an expanded role of doing consults with clients and upselling. I find that the majority of my clients start with the resume only and then add on later (sometimes).

Revisions? All in my court at this time.

Special comments: Hoping to find 1-3 good writers whose style meshes well with mine, is fun to work with, and understands the basic components of writing a solid resume.

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